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Using Shea Butter to Eliminate Your Stretch Marks. Does Cocoa Butter Work? (2013-04-25)

Shea Butter and Shea Oil is a recent skin moisturizer moving to the skin care products forefront, even creeping into several highly branded skin care companies' products, such as Oil of Olay. Shea is a very unique skin emollient and moisturizer. Because Shea is a highly moisturizing, anti-inflammatory agent, Shea has become an effective treatment for a number of skin maladies, including scars, eczema, wounds, burns, rashes, acne, dry skin, dark spots, skin discolorations, wrinkles, and most importantly, stretch marks. Because of its unique ability to reduce and heal scars, it is no wonder that Shea has recently surged to the top of stretch mark reducing treatments. Shea is wonderful oil that absorbs easily into the skin and will not leave the body or face feeling greasy. So how can you use Shea to fade your stretch marks? Simply follow the tips below.
How to Reduce Stretch Marks - Step #1: Infuse Your Skin and Body Tissues With Shea to Reduce Your Stretch Marks.
Although Shea's use in America is relegated to cosmetics, Shea oil and butter is used here in Africa as a seasoning and cooking oil. If you can find Shea Oil, incorporate it into your diet. It will not only infuse your body and skin tissues with additional stretch mark and scarring protection, but will also serve as a healthy alternative to the cooking oils and lard as primarily used in America. You can find Shea Oil easily in the market, if not, you can buy the bar and melt it. . If there is not one in your local city, you can buy from our webplatform here. Without costing you much, a sprinkle of Shea Oil on your daily sautéed veggies or salad will give your help for stretch marks and give your skin an incredible boost.
How to Reduce Stretch Marks - Step #2: Moisturize Your Skin With 100% Pure Shea Oil or Natural Shea Stretch Mark Products. Be certain that you are purchasing Shea from a reputable source, one that is giving you pure shea butter or oil. There are many shea butter knockoffs. You can find pure Shea butter at some local whole foods stores and local markets. Oils are actually better for stretch marks than butters because oils penetrate below the skin's surface and infuse moisture. If you want an even powerful moisturizer for your stretch marks, try Inner Beautees 100& Pure Shea Butter Bars, body oils, scrubs, and body washes, which are predominately comprised of Shea Oil and other proven stretch mark eliminating oils, like Rosehip Seed Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, and Emu Oil. Inner Beautees products are extremely effective, because all are products are made with shea butter and otherpurely natural ingredients.
How to Reduce Stretch Marks - Step #3: Exfoliate Your Skin Daily With Shea. You can actually find Shea nut granules in some Afro-Caribbean stores. Place them in an all natural body wash or body scrub. If you don't have access to such a store, use natural scrubs that have Shea Oil in their ingredients.
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