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Inner Beautee Naturals was birthed from a celebration for Africa’s natural, ethical, sustainable beauty solutions. Sourced from the richest mineral continent- Africa, backed by modern day science and carefully handcrafted with love. Our products are not only simple formulations conceptualised for a clean, non-toxic beauty experience.. we believe true beauty is skin deep, therefore our products target more than the body’s epadermis. Our products are in fact curated with wellness, self love and mindfulness at the centre of our purpose. To bring a holistic experience of self-care, self respect and appreciation of our journey as individuals and the vessel that we live within.

Our products are formulated on the stepping stone of ancient, traditional practices. Perfected by our ancestors then simply tweaked by us to meet modern day exigencies. Our products are prepared in small batches in order to preserve the potency and maintain the efficacy of their ingredients ensuring from our hands to yours our products are as fresh as possible.

Inner Beautee are not alone in this, we work closely with our African, female co-operatives to whom we owe our pure, unrefined, premium Grade A Shea Butter which is the key ingredient behind the majority of our formulations. Our support for our disenfranchised village women is at the heart of our community spirit. We are ethically conscious and ensure our products contain no parabens, sulphates or GMOs and are never tested on animals.

We are passion about our planet, therefore our products are housed within 100 per cent recyclable packaging and we encourage our customers to reuse, recycle and reduce with us by returning the empty containers for a discount in our refill programme.

Inner Beautee products are suitable for all skin types and all individuals on a journey of well-being and self care or even the entire opposite of this; the individual who simply needs a simple yet effective skin solution. Our top quality, high performance, plant-based bath and body lines are the perfect gift that we are happy to customise for that special occasion. From a scented Soy Wax candle to an entire bath and body line. We provide corporate services as well as individualised. We look forward to journeying this path with you.

Associations & Awards

Global Shea Alliance (GSA)


ACE Awards 2019 Best Beauty Brand Award

Inner Beautee Awarded Best Beauty Brand

Shea Women's Association Of Nigeria (SWAN)


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